What is corona virus?

What is corona virus? : The coronavirus epidemic that has spread in China has taken the form of the World Health Organization recently described  corona virus as a bigger threat than terrorism, according to China’s government data, so far more than 1300 people have died Huh.

What is corona virus?
Image Credit to WHO
The WHO has announced the name of the disease caused by the corona virus. The institution has given the name of the disease (COVID-19).
The World Health Organization name said in a statement that coronaviruses are a very big threat to the whole world. This statement from WHO can highlight that no one should go to China right now because they may be at risk of corona virus is.

What is corona virus?

If a person becomes infected with coronavirus, he gets breathing problem like throat pain, cough, cold fever and after all he complains of pneumonia, then if this disease progresses then he has kidney damage. Goes and then the patient dies.

Corona virus symptoms and prevention-

To prevent the virus, you should use a good quality mask on your mouth as the risk of infection is mostly from the mouth and nose, along with washing hands with soap and alcohol based handrubs can also be used.

keep the nose and mouth covered with handkerchiefs or tissue paper for every times, as well as avoid the consumption of eggs and meat and also don’t contact with wild animals. Switch to the virus spreads rapidly from person to person, so care should be taken to guard against the virus.

What is Global Health Emergency?

Global health emergency in the world is also called public health emergency. The World Health Organization declares a global health emergency about a disease only when the disease is felt to be at risk of spreading internationally.
The World Health Organization has declared Global Health Emergency because no vaccine has yet been prepared for this launch and it is spreading rapidly to other countries as well. Measures are to be taken to prevent and prevent it from spreading.

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